A collection of projects managed and operated by Gates Hospitality.

AJEENÉ by Faisal Naser

AJEENÉ, also known as ‘dough’ in English, will be the place to be to experience traditional Levant street food on the go. Reflecting on the region’s rich culinary heritage offering a wide range of flavours, textures and aromas, AJEENÉ will serve the most authentic mana’eesh in town and traditional shawarma and falafel sandwiches on the go, that will transport guests to the vibrant streets of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria & Palestine.

Reform Social & Grill

Based out of Dubai’s institution, Reform Social & Grill will open its first pop up in Expo City Dubai – Dubai’s first true gastropub, brought from one of London’s most vibrant venues. The restaurant offers traditional British breakfast, lunch and dinner classics as well as a seasonal barbeque, and limited-edition menus.


Hideaway was born as a pop-up shop initially within Burlington Arcade, followed by a second pop up at the Chelsea Barracks development. Based out of London, Hideaway has been created to be accessible, fun & welcoming. It is a venue that is appropriate for any time of day be it a swift takeaway coffee on the way to work, lunch with friends or an aperitif before dinner.


TOS:T by Faisal Naser

Celebrating the comforting combination of classic cheese toasties and soul-warming soups, our cozy concept provides a unique and simple experience where cheese lovers can indulge in the ultimate comfort food duo. Crafted using the finest quality cheese and artisanal homemade sour dough, TOS:T will break all stereotypes of a standard cheese toastie and will be a haven for anyone seeking comfort meals on the go, taking you back to the city streets.

SAFAR by Sara Aqel

An introspective journey across the Mediterranean, Safar is a destination offering local artisan foods and culturally immersive experiences, celebrating a genuine approach to Italian cuisine with influences from the Mediterranean and chef’s Sara Palestinian heritage. Proudly championing female talents worldwide, Safar highlights empowerment and equality and a specialty cocktail menu with wines evoking a story in every sip.